How To Discover
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Seeing as it is the first month in 2021, I really want to offer a free tool that aims to be useful throughout the year & more. Which is why I am providing a resource on:

How To Discover Your Core Values

Your values are your personal authentic guiding lights & compass throughout your life. Quite often when we feel unhappy in our personal and professional lives, it’s because we are not living in alignment with what we truly value – what is most important to us above all else.

Before coaching, I had never really given too much thought on what was truly important to me. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like, but I didn’t have a sense of my core values. I found making decisions were difficult – I was so indecisive and always relied on other people’s advice and input. Ultimately, I never felt truly at peace when I would make a decision. This ranged from asking people what I should have for lunch to where I should go to University – imagine that!

When I took the time to do the core values exercise – my world changed. I recognised how important authenticity, humour & fun, personal development and wellness were to me. I was able to align so many of my activities with what was truly important to me. Decisions became much clearer and easier to make and I felt so much more fulfilled – because I started living my life in accordance with what is important to me.

I really hope you find this resource useful & it sheds some light on all the choices you can make to a more authentic & happy life 🙂

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