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As long as I have breath in me, I long to learn. Join me as I share through writings, podcasts, interviews, and video classes some of the things I am learning.

Videos and Podcasts

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Spiritual Pilgrimage

Connecting with God through Gratitude, Awe, and Praise

Life of Spiritual Growth: Exciting Discoveries of Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Formation through transitions: Liminal Spaces, and Thresholds Dr. Jeanie Shaw

Jesus , Growing through reflective Questions: Dr Jeanie Shaw

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God’s forming work: Dr. Jeanie Shaw

Inwardly We Are Being Renewed: Ministry Leader Renewal

His Life May Be Revealed

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A short clip down from memory lane on the importance of prayer in our marriages

On Writing, Ministry, and Loss

Common Grounds Unity Podcast

Should I adopt or foster?

Beginning at 1:55 in the video, speaking to the San Diego church on the role of women in the church

Midday Musings on Life and Leadership

Devotional for Widows

Rhonda Lowery and Jeanie talking about Spiritual Formation on the Common Grounds Unity – Part 1

Rhonda Lowery and Jeanie talking about Spiritual Formation on the Common Grounds Unity – Part 2

My oldest son, Sam and I speaking on “A Caregiver’s Needs.”

Getting Un-Stuck – Kyle Spears

Family History – Otoma Edje

Interview with Travis Albritton

Still Discovering Your Spiritual Journey (a class with Kay McKean and me)

Midday Musings on being a life long learner with Jeanie Shaw

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Practicing Spiritual Discernment

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Podcast F50 Women: Because We’re Not Done Yet, “Writing New Chapters”

Psalm 36 – Derek: Meditating on the Way with Jeanie Shaw

Reflection and Receiving

Learning to Lament

About An Aging Grace

The Role of Women in the Church

Online TV show with Gail Scott Key

Burlington VT Women’s day

Academic Journey

An Interview with Jeanie on her time in Graduate School

As I look back, I honestly believe God was calling me to this new path. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be a doctoral candidate as I near my seventh decade of life, I would probably have laughed….

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