I am pleased to offer several workshops, either in-person in your city or online

If you have a group (of at least 15 people) that would like to participate in one of these workshops, please contact me.

Navigating Home

– A Longing Fulfilled

I’ve presented this workshop in numerous states as well as in Europe, with outstanding responses. Beginning with an anecdotal true story of a goose, who after losing its mate searches for a place to call home I explore issues of loss, grief, rejection, identity, trust, shame, intimacy, and control— and how they affect our lives. We then look at the ways Jesus can relate to each of these issues and how he can fill these areas in our lives—making us whole.

My prayer is that each participant will be left with:

    • a greater understanding of yourself, your identity, and why you do what you do and/or think the way you think.
    • a deep comfort knowing someone can really understand and relate to you.
    • the knowledge of how to gain the power to change through a real relationship with Jesus.
    • a better understanding of shame, guilt, vulnerability, intimacy, and trust.
    • confidence that you have something to offer others.
    • overcoming relationship obstacles.
    • confidence to find your place to belong and contribute in community.

Picture, Scripture, Fixture

Jesus often taught with parables…life lessons based on familiar sights and happenings. Once we connect the things we see and experience with the Scriptures, they can more easily become fixtures in our minds and hearts.

This workshop is designed to help us learn how to more fully and effectively apply the Word to our daily, real lives. The main lesson is accompanied by interactive activities, utilizing our senses and imagination. These are followed by discussion groups to help participants make these connections, and thus grow closer to God and others.

Spiritual Integrity: The Inside of the Cup.

In this six-week Zoom workshop on spiritual formation, I speak on personal holiness and spiritual integrity, experiencing the presence of God, spiritual disciplines, emotionally healthy thinking, forgiveness, finding and using your God-given talents, and self-awareness. I also offer this as a one- or two-day workshop, with the focus on growing in spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Leadership

for Women

Is an ideal for family group leaders or ministry leaders, but also for any woman wishing to grow in her effectiveness and influence. The workshop includes a study of three women from the Bible who exemplify particular qualities of spiritual leadership. Group sharing exercises will encourage women to better understand the gifts God has given them, as well as qualities they wish to grow stronger in. Follow up lessons and questions are provided in my book with the same title, Spiritual Leadership for Women. In this book, 24 women of the Bible are explored, along with accompanying heart-searching questions. These would be great to do for any leaders’ groups, as well as women’s outreach and Bible study groups in the home or workplace.

The Sacred Gift

Discover “The Sacred Journey: Finding God in Caregiving,” a free virtual workshop sponsored by HOPE worldwide MA and the Boston Church of Christ. Access recordings featuring panel discussions, breakout classes, and practical insights from caregivers. Also, check out the new book by the same title, sharing vulnerable stories and inspiration. Order the book through Illumination Publishers. Caregivers deserve care too, and may God be with them as they share unconditional love.

For more details, please visit the “The Sacred Gift”  workshop in Boston.


The Sacred Gift

This is a workshop on caregiving and focuses on ways as a caregiver to not only meet the needs of the one you are caring for, but finding God, refreshment, and growth in the process.

The View from Paul’s Window: Paul’s Teachings on Women

This comes on the heels of many years of study on this subject. I have taught this important topic in various churches in the US and abroad.

What Now, God: Finding God in Transitions:

Life is full of transitions. We grow up, leave home, change jobs, and change life/family situations. We experience illnesses, deaths of loved ones, moves, and so much more. This workshop offers teaching and tools for handling transitions in ways that help us make these transitions and somehow find God in the midst.

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