4 Ways to Capture Negative Thoughts

Today’s post takes a different form from my norm.  In this video I’ll share practical applications of the scriptures that call us to “take our thoughts captive”–which is certainly easier to read than to do!

Gulp…my thought right now is that I feel quite vulnerable posting this…but I think the message is worth sharing.

Beginning with a story about taking my grandson’s negative emotions captive, I’ll share several tools we can all use to overcome negative,distracting, sinful, and/or annoying thoughts.  ICOC Hotnews produced this, and they added some cool graphics about halfway through. Enjoy–as you slap mosquitoes and catch butterflies.

Set Your Mind on Things Above


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  1. Marcia Lamb

    I will remember your lesson on Take Every Thought Captive for a long time. I connected with your great illustrations from your Grandson to the butterflies. Your presentation made a challenging concept very do-able. Jeanie, your expressiveness and belief in God’s truths makes you a captivating speaker. I am grateful you are using your talents to help God’s women grow.

    • jeanieshaw

      Wow, Marcia. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such encouragement. It means a lot. Thank you. I treasure your friendship.

  2. Elizabeth Thompson

    This is fantastic, Jeanie! Your prayer was hilarious. I do that ALL OF THE TIME. I seem to attract a lot of butterflies and mosquitoes, especially when I’m praying. (And PS I love the idea of offering to hold my kids’ emotions–totally trying that next time disaster ensues. 🙂 )

    • jeanieshaw

      Ah, thanks Elizabeth. Unfortunately, all too familiar with the butterflies and mosquitoes. 🙂

  3. michelle

    Thanks for this “true to life” lesson. I’m working on this very thing and need all the help I can get! I appreciate you!


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