A Friday the 13th Good Thing!

If you are nervous that Friday the 13th is not supposed to be a good day… I actually have some good news for you. My good friend Elizabeth Thompson, who happens to be a gifted writer, launched a fabulous new website today. Lizzy-headshot-1On this site you can find some excellent parenting tools, two-minute family devotionals, meaningful musings, lists of “13’s” and information about some great fiction books for young adults (and hey, you count as a young adult.)  So. in the spirit of this new site,  LizzieLife.com, here are 13 reasons to view this site.

1. You will be informed and inspired.

2. You will be entertained.

3. You will have access to some excellent parenting advice.

4. You will view a very well-put-together website. (Yes, I was motivated to refresh mine after perusing hers :-))

5.  When you want to give your children some spiritual food with breakfast…you have the tools right there on your smartphone or computer…as close at hand as the salt and pepper  (or maybe closer if you have a hard time finding like I do.)

6. You can discover a great gift to give a young adult..brother, sister, niece, nephew,son, daughter, or grandchild.

7. You can be happy that there is some clean, fun writing for your tweens and teens (as well as good stuff for you).

8.  You can find someone who can relate to the craziness that can occur when you have children.

9. You can gain some Godly perspective when the said craziness is making you a little, or a lot, crazy.

10.  You can encourage a wonderful person who is taking a brave a new step in her writing career.  (Being a writer can feel vulnerable and lonely–and encouragement is always appreciated.)

11. You can get a laugh.

12. You can shed a tear (the aawwww good kind).

13. If you sign up to follow the website you can continue to be encouraged.

Check it out:  LizzyLife.com   logo-lizzylife


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