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I got a “new toy”.  As one who likes to write, I often carry my laptop and it gets heavy.  I’ve been saving up for a tablet, and when the one I was eyeing was 70% off (for one day only) I decided it was time to purchase.  It’s not quite as user friendly as some (or one) tablet, but it syncs well with my other devices.  So, after much careful reviewing, I made my purchase.

I downloaded the apps I would likely use most often and also got some tutoring from a good friend who is well versed in this tablet.  In order to get such a good deal, I did have to purchase a monthly connection fee to the 4G network and  give them a two year agreement.  But, that’s okay.  I had planned for this anyway.

All was working well except for one thing.  I could make internet connections using wi-fi, but try as I may….I could not get any connection with the network.  Without the 4G network, I was dependent on spotty wi-fi.   I double checked the activation steps.  I had my friend trace my steps to see what might be amiss.  Alas, we could find nothing wrong.  I thought perhaps the SIM card (connection card) was bad;  or maybe there was some other reason this device had such a major cost reduction for one day.   Maybe this was the day they were getting rid of all the “duds”.  So I made my trek down to the store that carried my device and my account to seek answers to my connection problem.

After a fairly long wait the technician repeated everything that I had already done.  He thought that perhaps I had been sent a “bad” device.  I was disappointed knowing that there was an amazing “network out there” that was for some reason – forbidden to me.   I rested my elbows on the counter patiently (mostly) waiting while the technician worked. After what seemed a very long time I heard – “Aha…there it is!!”.

The technician informed me that the problem was not with my device, but with the account.   When I had been sent the tablet, the monthly payment to my account had been  activated, but the network had  not yet been activated to my device.   Apparently, my agreement to the contract was still pending.  This step had been missed in the process.  I thought about the spiritual implications of this dilemma.

God has always had an agreement, or covenant, with his people.  While there are many, many scriptures concerning covenants  found in both the Old Testament (covenant) and the New Testament (covenant), perhaps my favorite is found in 1 Kings 8:23

      “O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you in heaven above or on earth below–you who keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way.”

To me, this verse sums up many of the other verses about covenants.  God’s covenant with us stems from his love;  His promises are incomparable; and He will always keep His promises!  Our part of the covenant is simply to live out His plan for our lives – WHOLE HEARTEDLY.

What an offer!  His side of the covenant is amazing beyond comprehension.  His covenant (will, agreement) is to offer me eternal life, forgiveness of sins, His presence in my being, belonging in his family, and much more.  (Talk about an awe-inspiring 4G network…Glory, Grace, God in us, Giant-global family…amazing!!).   God is continually faithful to His covenant and Jesus sealed it with His blood.

However, every covenant has two sides.  I must also take part in this covenant to access the network.  My part is to accept the agreement…and to give it my whole heart – 100%.

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