Life Updates and Coaching Future Plans

If my clients are getting half as much out of coaching as I am, all is good. Every so often we get to answer a call that fits like a glove. That’s what coaching feels like for me. It’s that glove that allows me to follow the Spirit’s lead while using my ministry, coaching, and spiritual formation training. I love meeting with my clients. Each person is uniquely wonderful. I continue to learn and grow through everyone.

It feels strange to be free from assignments and school, as it has been such a daily part of my life over the past five years. I have recently completed my dissertation, and it looks like I will defend it in October if all goes as planned. The title is “Re-examining Our Lens: The Relationship Between the Restoration Movement’s Pattern Hermeneutic and Spiritual Formation, With a Focus on the International Churches of Christ.” I have learned so much from my research and the entire experience. John Mark Hicks, my second reader, has been such a blessing to me. I miss interacting with my cohort and have been enriched by them all. My spiritual direction certification program begins in January, also through NTS (Nazarene Theological Seminary). I feel honored to learn more from Dr. Hardy, who is such an outstanding professor in this field.

On the Riverfront Christian Coaching front, I added a new section to the website entitled “Articles.” Feel free to peruse that section. While “The River Speaks” section is more practical, heartfelt blogging, “Articles” are academic in nature. I have posted articles on: Loving and Serving a Non-Gendered God; Hagar: Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation; John Wesley: An Optimist of Grace; The D History and the Monarchy: When Israel Does Not See the Heavenly King; Historical Figures – Madame Guyon and Mother Teresa; Old Testament Spiritual Formation Reflection; Reflections on Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God; The Ecology of Faith Formation; Theology of Discipleship: Follow Me- A Personal, Communal, Intentional, and Evangelistic Call; Water Baptism; and Biblical Theology of Community.

I also just added a new podcast recorded with Common Grounds Unity, an initiative and podcast I greatly appreciate. My  latest podcast is about my book, “The View from Paul’s Window: Paul’s Teachings on Women.”  Catch it on my website or at  .

Throughout the autumn (my favorite season), I hope to add a few group coaching sessions. I plan to limit each session to five people, meeting for five weeks at a time. If you are interested in a group coaching session (they are $100 for five sessions, except for the caregiving session, which is no cost), I hope to begin in late September.

I also plan to offer a group coaching session on our view of God, our identity, core values, confidence, and gifts. I hope to offer this in the daytime, Monday afternoon at 2 pm EST, to allow for European and African participants who have requested this time. If there is enough interest, I can add an evening session in October.

Another session will be on navigating life transitions. I hope to do this on a Tuesday evening and/or a Monday afternoon EST

Then, I hope to have a caregiving session on Saturday mornings around 11 a.m. EST

If these begin, I may need to limit my one-on-one coaching, so please contact me if you are interested in either group or individual coaching. I look forward to hearing from you. I love hearing feedback from readers. You can respond on the website or at

I pray your day is filled with the expectation of God’s grace.

How silently,

How silently

The wondrous gift is given.

I would be silent now, Lord, and expectant…

That I may receive

The gift I need,

So I may become

The gifts others need.  (Guerillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle, Ted Loder)

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