Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham – 19


by Gordon Ferguson

My Boston years allowed me to spend much time with Wyndham, from the day I arrived until the day we left. I found my way through the rough patches in my life by asking him to share his wisdom with me, which he freely and frequently did. I couldn’t begin to list the many pearls of wisdom I received from God through him. They were numerous, but became a part of me to the point that I cannot easily separate what I learned from him and who I am today. Not surprisingly, I quote from him and use his life example frequently.

One of my early memories in Boston was trying to work through ministry issues that I either didn’t understand or didn’t agree with. I recall a day when Theresa and I were driving over to get with Wyndham and Jeanie for a discipling time. I don’t remember what the inside of their abode looked like or what borough it was located in, but I remember the parking lot. When I drove up, I saw a dumpster and felt like my world smelled just like it did.

All of my bad attitudes were near the surface and came out quickly. Wyndham, in his patient way, somehow dealt with all of my “junk” and sanity was restored! I remember that parking lot as I drove away, because it seemed to now be located in a different world than when I drove into it. I remember thinking to myself that Wyndham must feel like a garbage dump, but I feel like I could fly! Of course, I learned in time that his ability to help others sort through their issues without letting it ruin his day was rather an amazing gift. In fact, it was two gifts rolled up into one: helping others process their pain while protecting yourself and your family. I have never been able to do both at once in the way that he can.

Since we left Boston nearly 15 years ago, I have called Wyndham many times to get help. I have made trips to Boston just to get time and input from him. When I hear his voice or catch sight of him at such times, my heart starts settling out immediately. It has learned that when Wyndham is near, God is near. (I’m crying as I write this.) He has absorbed an incredible part of my pain through the past 30 years, and I’m just one of those for whom he has done this.

Wyndham, I’m expressing much love and appreciation on behalf of all who have been so blessed by your wise and loving heart. May God bless you for being an amazing demonstration of his principles, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and “the greatest of all is the servant of all.” 







I could fill a daily blog for years with wisdom I have learned from Wyndham. However, I’ll stick with one day a week. Each Wednesday I will share wisdom gleaned, not just from me, but from our family who saw him day and night and from friends near and far whose lives he has touched.

Many of you have already told me you wish to share wisdom you learned from Wyndham. If you wish to contribute to this collection please email me at with the subject line—Wednesday Wisdom. If you wish to receive these blogs in your inbox, feel free to sign up to follow the blog.

I’ll look forward to meeting you here on Wednesdays. And if you would, please remember us in your prayers. It’s a privilege to have you in our lives.

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