What and Why Are You Learning?

Do you ever find that some questions people ask you cause you to dive deeper for the answers? It has been good to reflect on questions I have been asked about why I chose to enter and continue in graduate school while in my late sixties. So, as I think through my answers, it helps me once again to reflect on important questions about why I choose to do what I do. We can find it all too easy to just do, without reflecting clearly on why we do what we do or think what we think.

Why did you decide now, to go back to school?

Longing to continually grow deeper in my walk with God and service to others, I entered seminary in 2018, when I was sixty-four years old. I was drawn to the study of spiritual formation, deeply believing that too many Christians go through motions of religion while lacking the depth and joy flowing from intimacy with God. They long for more. I longed for more. I desired to learn further ways to grow toward the image of Christ and delight in our relationship. I love to learn, and though I had read and studied my Bible for decades, I thrilled to the deeper teachings I learned through my biblical studies classes. I savored and put into practice what I learned in my spiritual formation studies.

God answered many prayers encouraging me to pursue this venture. During my studies, I was working in the ministry and providing care for my wonderful husband, who passed from a progressive neurological disease called Multiple System Atrophy in November 2019. It was an extremely difficult time. My studies, combined with daily life and suffering, not only drew me into a more intimate relationship with God but also put on my heart a desire to keep learning. I thrive best when learning new things.

I believe I am called to teach. It feels good to know my calling…. what I feel uniquely qualified for and what makes my heart sing. For over forty years, as a women’s minister, I have taught the Bible to those wishing to develop faith or to grow in their faith, helping them apply biblical teachings and principles to their daily lives. I have taught workshops in areas of spiritual growth to audiences large and small, in-person and online. I also love to teach through writing. After my first book, I thought I was done with writing, but fifteen books later, God keeps putting more on my heart.

As an older woman who has experienced many transitions in life including a loving marriage of forty-five years to caretaking and then widowhood, raising children and now enjoying adult relationships with them, grandparenting eight grandchildren, adopting a teenager from Eastern Europe, changing jobs, moving, losing parents, being held at knife-point, and being struck by lightning, my experiences are many and allow me to relate to various ages and backgrounds. At this stage of my life, I still desire to help change the world for Christ through teaching, mentoring, and writing in various settings and places. I long to do justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with God…but I still have so much to learn. I want to see more and more women learning and teaching, as they offer such a valuable perspective.

God answered so many specific prayers as I sought His guidance about this decision to go back to school. I want to keep on learning and then do some adjunct teaching when I finish my doctorate. I’ll be about seventy years young then.

Why did you choose to study spiritual formation? What is it? How did you benefit and how can what you have learned benefit others?

Spiritual formation is the process of God working in our lives to transform us into His image. We make ourselves ready and available through spiritual disciplines for God to transform us. We learn to find spiritual rhythms of life so that we can be still enough with God and hear him. We build intimacy with Him that refreshes, directs, and fills us in every way. We can often let busyness, ego, and the noise of life keep us from truly walking with God and finding rest for our souls. Spiritual formation is holistic. We let God transform us day by day through our love for Him and our unity with His Spirit. He changes us with ever-increasing glory through our thoughts and emotions, our relationships, our intellect, our life calling, our physical health, and our stewardship. That covers a lot of areas…our whole beings.

As I keep learning, I desire to offer workshops, teaching, training, and writing that encourages others to bring these areas to Jesus, letting Him transform them all. While I have learned some excellent tools and ways of thinking, I believe these are only useful if they help me and others draw closer to God for the sake of others.

 Have you enjoyed it?  Immensely. As I learn, write, and teach I feel the pleasure of God. I thrill to learn, to be closer to God, and to serve others more effectively. I have been blessed with outstanding professors, and even though I study online, my partnerships with fellow students have led to some wonderful new friendships. As I sat by Wyndham’s side during this time I have been in school, and since he could not talk I would tell him things I was learning and read him my papers, which he enjoyed. He was proud of me for this endeavor, which means so much to me. His encouragement spurred me on, and my studies during the hardest season of my life were strangely, a sort of lifeline for me.

 If you could summarize, what are the main things you took away?

It’s good to reflect on this question. The rate of learning is so fast that at times I felt like I was drinking from this.   I realize that as I learn, I must stop to reflect and apply what I am learning to my life, otherwise it is of little value. I also realize that knowledge is helpful, but only if it makes me more Christlike, more loving.  I definitely learned how much I don’t know and how judgmental I have been. The windows of my perspective are clearer, and I have let go of the fear of questioning. The Bible can stand up to questions. I am much more equipped to know and share my core biblical and life convictions and have also better learned the thought processes of those who share some differing core convictions. I have learned from so many people, and strive to treat them with respect and personal vulnerability. I have built some solid friendships with a few classmates and a professor who has enriched me. I have read more books than I can count, and have grown from each one. Next time, I’ll begin sharing some takeaways from each class. I pray that we are all forever learners.


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  1. Carolyn Harrell

    Amen to all! Thank you as always, wise woman. Just know that I always comment joyfully on your life and work whether or not these comments show up. Hopefully you’ll get this one. I’m going slowly.

    • jeanieshaw

      The comments are coming through, Carolyn. I love you so much.

  2. Marian Flammio

    Dearest Jeanie,

    I grow so much from each of your posts and books. This lesson in particular really puts down in words who I am at 69 and how much more I want to learn, to teach, to mentor. You truly articulated what I wish to grow in to enrich and expand the kingdom. Thank you!

    • jeanieshaw

      Hi Marian,
      Thanks for reaching out and for your encouragement. You are needed and as long as God gives us, I know he desires to use us to His glory. Go for it. Much love, Jeanie

  3. kathryndillon

    May we never stop learning and growing. Being curious and asking questions as we grow older, I believe are gifts from God. Thank you for sharing your journey, your heart, your life with us. I hear your enthusiasm in your words. I hear a zeal in your relationship with our Father that is refreshing, inspiring. Thank you!

    • jeanieshaw

      I hear that same enthusiasm and curiosity from you and Greg. I feel I am learning so much and it feels deeply refreshing. Thank you for the encouragement. Much love, Jeanie

  4. Paula Chu

    I’m so excited about this Jeanie! My spiritual goal this year is intimacy with God. Thank you for sharing your journey with such grace and wisdom.

    • jeanieshaw

      Hi Paula,
      It was great to see your name pop up as I remember you so fondly. Thank you for reaching out. Much love, Jeanie

  5. stayinspired2017

    Hi Jeanie! Thank you for this. I too have been studying the Bible for decades, and as retirement gets closer and closer, I know deep down there is more for me to do in my life. This post helps me ignore the little voices that tell me it’s too late:)
    I met you briefly when I spoke at the 2016 reach conference… you were so encouraging, loving and genuine:)
    Thank you again!

    • jeanieshaw

      Hi Robin. I love your title of “stayinspired.” Yes, ignore any voice telling you it’s too late. :-). Much love, Jeanie

  6. Kitty Chiles

    Thanks for sharing this. Love to hear it.

    On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 8:00 PM My Morning Cup – Refilled… wrote:

    > jeanieshaw posted: “Do you ever find that some questions people ask you > cause you to dive deeper for the answers? It has been good to reflect on > questions I have been asked about why I chose to enter and continue in > graduate school while in my late sixties. So, as I think th” >

    • jeanieshaw

      Your continued encouragement means so much to me. Was great to talk the other day. Much love, Jeanie

  7. nmcmullin11

    Hello Jeanie,
    I had an opportunity to take a zoom class you offered. It was in June of 2020, while the country was shut down due to the Covid pandemic.
    After a death, a divorce, the pandemic scare, and a upset in church leadership. I’ve felt God tenderly caring for me and gently guiding my path. The encouragement of your life and your forever learning is a wonderful example of hope inspired to share the spiritual relations God wants for us.
    May Gods face shine upon you.
    Thank you.

    • jeanieshaw

      Hi Nicole,
      You have been through so much. I am grateful you are feeling God’s tenderness and care. What would we ever do without that?! He is amazing. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They mean a lot. Love, Jeanie

  8. Judy Ostrowski

    Jeanie I think that is great you are pursuing your education! Spiritual Formations is such a good program I have learned so much from Jake over the last couple years .I am just finishing Wednesday’s with Wyndham I am on the last chapter It always has struck me the closeness your family shares . I love that !!
    I love you

    • jeanieshaw

      Thanks, Judy. I am eager to compare notes with Jake. I am learning so much. Thanks for the encouragement. I love you dearly.

  9. julieksings

    jeanie, This was so cool to hear your perspective about returning to school! Though I am about 10 years younger- I realize that much of what I am learning in my masters may not get me a job the way it might have 10 years ago… but I am hoping it still will give me a shot at teaching at a college.

    I totally agree that it is of vital importance to apply your studies as soon as possible. So many things I am learning have showed up in edits of my book and certainly on private lessons with students.

    By the way, the publisher I went with, Xulon press, continues to find more t once to charge me for… it has held up my production… but at least I am at the production stage at last!

    Praying it will be out before November to make the Christmas rush!!!

    Blessings to you! Love, Julie

    Sent from my iPhone


    • jeanieshaw

      So encouraging to hear, Julie. I look forward to seeing the book. It is certainly a labor of love.


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